Gabriel has become my Yoda.

— Cj

14 years old

3+ year relationship


"Gabriel comes up the with the best bad jokes"

— A.S.

13 years old

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Gabriel has a unique and uncanny ability to connect with children of any age. As a mother I saw my boys flourish under Gabriel’s mentorship and tutelage, turning from shy and hesitant to boys, into tool-wielding fiercely confident and articulate young men. 


As an educator, I was consistently in awe of his ability to connect with children on exactly the level that he/she needs, giving them the life skills and tools they need to become successful, well rounded and most importantly, happy adults.

— Maureen

Mother of two

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Gabriel manages to not only work with all types of learners, but he cultivates a unique and special relationship with each and every one of them.

— Lisa

Founder & Director of DC Village Learning Co-op


My daughter loves
to laugh with Gabriel.

— Angie

Mother of M.C.


"Thanks for being calm"

— Z.F.

7 years old

5+ year relationship


My daughter found confidence in her physical abilities and was able to use tools I never thought possible. 

— Lauren

Mother of M.A.


"Gabriel is a kid, but not a kid...

He helps me to try new things and goes surfing with me"

— R.F.

Age 5


Gabriel is like a family member.

— K

11 years old

6+ year relationship


"You're silly and

you like to play"

— L.V.

Age 4


Gabriel joyfully taught us about perseverance, patience and
self advocacy. He helped us
learn how to listen, trust and
have compassion for ourselves
and others. 

— Martha

Mother of C.J.

3+ year relationship


"Thanks for the help Captain"

— A.Y.

Age 5


Gabriel is one of those teachers the lucky few of us can recall we had as a child- that one special teacher who understood, cared, and inspired us (even years later). He has an arts education background but his teaching goes far beyond art. I think his biggest strength is his natural empathy.  He intuitively understands the importance of children building resilience, confidence, and independence.

— Rita

6+ year relationship, family of 4