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"Thanks for being calm"

— Z.F.

7 years old

7+ year relationship


"Gabriel comes up the with
the best bad jokes"

— A.S.

13 years old

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My daughter loves
to laugh with Gabriel.

— Angie

Mother of M.C.


Gabriel is one of those teachers the lucky few of us can recall we had as a child- that one special teacher who understood, cared, and inspired us (even years later). He has an arts education background but his teaching goes far beyond art. I think his biggest strength is his natural empathy.  He intuitively understands the importance of children building resilience, confidence, and independence.

— Rita

6+ year relationship, family of 4


"He is very fun and I like him teaching me using my hands to make fun and crazy things"

— L

Age 6


"You're silly and

you like to play"

— L.V.

Age 4


Gabriel has become my Yoda.

— Cj

14 years old

6+ year relationship


Gabriel has a unique and uncanny ability to connect with children of any age. As a mother I saw my boys flourish under Gabriel’s mentorship and tutelage, turning from shy and hesitant to boys, into tool-wielding fiercely confident and articulate young men. 


As an educator, I was consistently in awe of his ability to connect with children on exactly the level that he/she needs, giving them the life skills and tools they need to become successful, well rounded and most importantly, happy adults.

— Maureen

Mother of two


"Thanks for the help Captain"

— A.Y.

Age 5


"Gabriel is a kid, but not a kid...

He helps me to try new things and goes surfing with me"

— R.F.

Age 5


Gabriel creates the space for kids to learn while having fun, guiding and leading them into their own exploration and discovery in an engaging and encouraging way.

—Kitty Yeung Downer



My daughter found confidence in her physical abilities and was able to use tools I never thought possible. 

— Lauren

Mother of M.A.

Gabriel_Mellan-greece-2015-10-05 14.32.3

Gabriel manages to not only work with all types of learners, but he cultivates a unique and special relationship with each and every one of them.

— Lisa

Founder & Director of DC Village Learning Co-op


Gabriel is like a family member.

— K

11 years old

6+ year relationship


Gabriel joyfully taught us about perseverance, patience and
self advocacy. He helped us
learn how to listen, trust and
have compassion for ourselves
and others. 

— Martha

Mother of C.J.

6+ year relationship

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